Product Review: Lauren’s Gourmet Banana Nut Bread Mix

For the coveted first post, I thought I would kick things off with a product review of the Lauren’s Gourmet Banana Nut muffins I made this afternoon. I bought this mix at the Glutenology Gluten Free expo in Houston a few weeks ago and I finally got around to making them today. Glad I did because these babies sure are tasty!! Moist and flavorful, you would never know these are gluten free!

This packet of mix made up 12 medium sized muffins and 9 mini-muffins. Just mix with milk (I used soy), eggs, oil, vanilla, bananas and nuts (it calls for walnuts or pecans, but I had almonds so that is what I used). The directions are for making it as a loaf, so I improvised on the cooking times. The mini-muffins baked for 22 minutes and the medium sized for 32 minutes, both at 350 degrees. One medium sized muffin has approximately 155 calories, 9.3g fat, 16g carbs & 4.5g protein.

Definitely going to be freezing a few of these to save for breakfast next week when classes resume!


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