Product Review: Pop Chips

Potato Chips … they are definitely my weakness. Since going gluten free, I tend to shy away from anything with a long ingredient list because I find analyzing too many ingredients to be a daunting task. And there are so many ingredients in almost every flavored potato chip bag. I did not realize how much I missed a good BBQ flavored chip until I tried the Barbecue Potato flavor from PopChips. This delish treat is baked, not fried — made from 100% natural ingredients, boasting no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, trans fat or saturated fat. At 20 chips per serving, they are a more than satisfying snack. The BBQ flavor is amazingly flavorful with just the right amount of crunch, Lays Chips having nothing on these babies! PopChips are available in original, BBQ, sea salt & vinegar, sweet potato, parmesan garlic, jalapeño, garlic, salt & pepper and chili lime.

Have you tried PopChips? Which flavor is your favorite?


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