Weekend Delights

This weekend was quite busy and as you can see above filled with some delish bites! I made a loaf of gluten free bread using this mix from Gluten Free Pantry on Thursday and have been eating on it all weekend. And since I found avocados on sale this weekend, there were a lot of snacks including both avocado & bread. My favorite has to be the avocado toast (bottom left) — just toast your bread, top with avocado, salt, pepper & hot sauce … so good & full of those healthy fats!

Now, you are probably thinking what is that gooey thing on the bottom right?? That, my friends, is my version of Nutty Bars. I had gotten a box of Schar Vanilla Wafers a few weeks ago and I did not really care for them — to me, they were a little bland. So, I began experimenting with various toppings and I came up with this delish treat. Just spread creamy peanut butter all over the cookie, followed by Nutella then gobble it up. They are a gooey, messy & oh so good!! So good in fact, I ended up polishing off half the box of cookies!

Saturday was a bit of a crazy day, but I did get to try the gluten free grilled chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A. They were great! I felt a little silly ordering a kids meal (they should really consider adding this to the “adult” menu), but it was just the right amount of food … Sunday, we had an early dinner at Outback with my fiancés dad. They have such a great gluten free menu, including a few appetizers & a dessert! Usually, I order the 6oz steak and shrimp with broccoli & green beans, but I thought I would be a little different this time and order the chicken with mixed veggies (I still got the shrimp appetizer because it is too yummy to pass up). This was a really great meal: the chicken was juicy & the veggies were perfectly steamed. I cannot say enough good things about Outback and their gluten free menu — their wait staff is really good about making sure your meal is made just right and if they are not knowledgeable about gfree food, they always double check with someone who is. So, kudos to you Outback!!

How was your weekend?? What delish things did you eat?? Share it in the comments section!!


Oh and I got a new car!!! While a small part of me misses my squeaky old Chevy Tracker, this baby is fun to drive!

I still cannot believe it is mine, lol (:


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