Product Review: Better Batter All-Purpose Flour Mix

I am not the most savvy baker. I know how to work my bread machine & how to whip up a box of brownies, but that is about the extent of my baking ability … I love to cook and I like to think I am good at creating delish meals, but baking has always eluded me. I think it is because when I cook, I can taste test & see what is missing from the dish … But you cannot really do that with baking, so I always feel like I missed an ingredient that would have made it taste better. Plus, I have a tendency to bake things too long or not long enough, so rarely does a pastry, bread, cake or pie turn out right for me!

Anyhow … a few months ago I found some boxes of Better Batter all-purpose flour at Homegoods. Despite the fact that I do not bake, it was such a great price that I decided to buy a box. After looking at the lovely pink box in my pantry for months, I finally decided to put it to use. I picked up a packet of yeast while out grocery shopping and followed the recipe provided on the back of the box for gluten free rolls. It was so simple: flour, yeast, water & salt … mix it all up, drop on pan, shape, let ’em rise & bake!

~200 calories, 0g fat, 43.6g carbs & 2.4g protein per roll

This 3 1/2 cup box of flour made up 7 large rolls (I probably could have gotten 8 or 9 out of the box, but I made a bit of a mess with the dough … typical for me & another reason why I do not bake) … As for the taste? I would not eat them by themselves, the definitely need a little EVOO, peanut butter or something for flavor. But for me, texture is key. I do not want something crumbly or dry and these certainly are not either of those things. They are almost part roll, part biscuit & perfectly moist. So far, I have enjoyed them as a side with dinner & to make a few sandwiches for lunch. I also suspect that these would be tasty with scrambled eggs and gravy or to make a bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich.

Now I am wishing I had picked up more than one box! I want to keep some of these made up all the time … And they were so easy to make that I could definitely see myself baking them on a regular basis. Next time, I think I will play around with adding some herbs into the dough or topping with a little shredded cheese before baking.

During the same shopping trip when I picked up the flour, I also got a box of Better Batter brownie mix. I made that box right away because who can resist a box of chocolate brownies just waiting to be made!? They were really good as well — moist & chocolatey, even my non-gf fiancé enjoyed them!

Do you have fool-proof pastry, bread or cake recipe … or maybe just some baking tips for non-baker like me? Share it in the comments section!!


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