Recipe: Berry Delicious Smoothie

I wanted something different for breakfast yesterday. Going between my fridge & pantry, I took inventory of what I had on hand: 1/2 Naked Berry Blast, a handful of blackberries, bananas, greek yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, protein powder … The half bottle of Naked was nearing its expiration date, as were the blackberries so I decided a smoothie was in order. I put the following in my blender:

  • 1/2 bottle Naked Berry Blast
  • 1/4 cup blackberries
  • 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup ice

then blended until smooth … I meant to add in 1/2 of a banana, but forgot — it was ok though because as is, this made up a big glassful of red deliciousness! The greek yogurt gave it just the right amount of creaminess & the Naked made it perfectly sweet!

Berry delicious & nutritious and only 225 calories!

I LOVE Naked Juices … except the protein ones (I find them a tad too gritty for my tastes), but the fruit ones are great. Even the new veggie blends are good, two servings of veggies per bottle & you would not even know it by the taste! I usually have them for breakfast, but they also make a great snack — especially for those days when I feel like I have not nourished my body enough! I will definitely be adding them to future smoothie recipes!

Do you love Naked Juices as much as I do? What is your favorite flavor?


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