Product Review: Mrs. May’s Naturals

This morning I got to my office & poured the second half of a bottle of Mango Veggie Naked juice into a cup for breakfast. I almost always split a bottle of Naked into two servings. I enjoyed the first half of this particular bottle as an afternoon snack on Tuesday. I thought these lasted 3 to 5 days after opening, but it tasted slightly off this morning so I decided to forgo the remainder it … Sitting in class with my tummy rumbling, I decided to step out for a moment & run to the store in the next building over in search of a snack. Gluten free options are scarce on the University of Houston campus (if you follow me on twitter you probably saw the pic of the nearly bare allergy friendly vending machine), so I was pleasantly surprised to find something quick & convenient to enjoy. I came across Ms. May’s Natural Cashew Crunch in the campus convenience store. I have not seen this product in my local grocery stores, so I thought I would give it a try. The bag boasts that they are all natural, vegan, certified gluten free, dairy free & preservative free … and delish! I tried the Cashew Crunch, but they have loads of other varieties, including: almond crunch, walnut crunch, cran-tropical crunch, strawberry pineapple crunch & many more!

Dry roasted, packing the perfect crunch & slightly sweetened with cane juice, these make for a tasty snack (or in my case, a substitute breakfast).

This bag has 2 servings with 150 calories, 11g fat, 4g protein & 11g carbs each … Hesitantly, I admit that I ate the entire bag before class was over! I look forward to trying other Mrs. May’s varieties (:

Have you tried any Mrs. May’s products? Which is your favorite?


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