Product Review: Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars

Oh the power of suggestion! It all started last Sunday afternoon, we had the History channel on for background noise and a show about the history of chocolate came on. Towards the end, the narrator began discussing the health benefits of dark chocolate. Always interested in improving our health, our ears perked up but nothing much was said between the two of us. Later that afternoon when we were doing some grocery shopping, the fiancé spotted these dark chocolate bars in the Natures Market section of our local Kroger.

They were buy one get one free, so we got two … And then I got two more when I was at the store on Thursday. Yea, they are that good!! So far, I think our favorite is the one with cacao nibs, but the one with almonds & cranberries is pretty good too! They also make a milk chocolate version, which I definitely see myself trying in the near future!

These chocolate bars are certified vegan and gluten free. Plus, 10% of net profits are donated to organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation & humanitarian efforts! And, their foundation, the Endangered Species Foundation, funds cacao farming ethical trade projects along the equator.

Now back to the health benefits:

  • Dark chocolate helps fight free radicals, minimizing the effects of aging.
  • The antioxidants in dark chocolate can help to lower blood pressure.
  • It may also reduce your risk for heart disease & stroke.
  • People who eat flavonoids have been shown to develop fewer cancers.
  • Dark chocolate may even help boost your mood!

The higher the cacao content & the less processed, the better! And, remember (as with everything) MODERATION IS KEY!

What are some of your favorite antioxidant rich foods?? Share them in the comments section!


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