Buying Local at the Kingwood Farmers Market

Last summer, I was going to my local farmers market every week to pick up fresh, locally grown produce. Not really sure why, though I suppose it was due to my hectic schedule, I got out of the habit of going — opting to buy my fruits and veggies at the grocery store where they are shipped from who knows how far away! Since my day ended early and the farmers market was open from 3-7 today, I decided to stop by before heading home. And, I am glad I did too, look at all the great things I picked up … collard greens for Ziggy, kale so I can make some yummy green egg muffins, fresh strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, purple onions and a red bell pepper! I had forgotten just how much better fresh, local produce tastes until I bit into one of those juicy strawberries — they have such a great flavor!

In addition to these delectable fruits & veggies, a booth selling Mediterranean food lured me in with samples. I was reluctant to try anything initially because I was unsure about the ingredients. Much to my surprise, the lady at the booth asked if I was gluten free!? I was a little shocked by this, was it stamped on my forehead or did my hesitation give it away?? Either way, it does not matter because she offered me up some tasty options. First, the cilantro dip — a perfect blend of cilantro, garlic and jalapeño. Then she showed me some chickpea flatbread — though I did not get to sample these, they look great & judging by all the things I sampled at their booth I am quite sure they will be delicious. Just as I was making my purchases, her husband offered me some pumpkin-vanilla dip — sweet and creamy, this will be great on a slice of toast or even by the spoonful as he suggested! They also had some frozen gluten free meals, tamales, amazing hummus and mango chutney. I will definitely be stopping by this booth on future visits.

If you are in the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita area, stop by and check out the Kingwood Farmers Market for yourself, every Thursday from 3-7pm DST or 2-6pm standard time!

For information on why buying locally grown food is better for you and the environment, check out


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