Product Review: Little Soya Soy Sauce

Love soy sauce, but not a fan of the gluten and sodium found in most brands? Then I bet you’ll love Little Soya.

First off, does it get any cuter than these little fish shaped packets!? What is inside is even better. Since they’re low sodium, the soy sauce flavor really shines through — rather than the overwhelming saltiness you get with the other guys.

Here is what they have to say about their product:

We take our soy sauce very seriously.  Little Soya uses only the freshest, hand-picked ingredients we can find.  Executive chefs from across the country have refined the taste, helping create Little Soya’s unique, smooth yet slightly sweet flavor.  You won’t notice any uncomfortably salty aftertaste that so many traditional soy sauces bombard you with.

Little Soya meets all FDA standards for labeling as a gluten-free product.  Each batch of soy sauce we produce is tested twice by separate labs to ensure our results are accurate.  Currently, Little Soya tests at less than 10ppm gluten, far below the 20ppm FDA standard.

Little Soya also contains 45% less sodium than then leading brand on the market.   Our lower sodium content makes us great to use as a salt substitute in many of your favorite recipes.  You may even be surprised what new flavors you experience in some of your most worn out dishes.

Our fun, fish-shaped containers are re-sealable and recyclable!

I first discovered Little Soya Soy Sauce back in November 2011 at Gluten Free Houston Bakery and have been a fan ever since! They have become a staple in my kitchen, I also keep a few extra in my desk on campus for those days when my lunch needs a little extra flavor! Plus, the fish shaped containers make for great squirt toys used on my unsuspecting cats!

Are you a fan of Little Soya Soy Sauce?


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