May is Celiac Awareness Month

Photo courtesy of GlutenFreeHub

In celebration of Celiac Awareness Month, I am asking you (my awesome readers) to submit to me a photo of the gluten free section in your local grocery store. Frequent more than one grocery store? Send me photos from each! No dedicated gluten free section? No problem, send me a picture of your favorite gluten free item on its shelf ! Or send me a photo of the gluten free section in your own kitchen!

I will be accepting photos until May 20th — simply send them to me via email at with Gluten Free Grocery in the subject line, please include the stores name, city & state and a short little blurb about what you like or dislike about their gluten free section. Once all submissions are received, I will create an entire blog post dedicated to your photos!

I am super curious to see what your gluten free section looks like and hope that you will participate!! Also, do not miss my feature on iamjtheblog on May 18th where I will share with you a photographic adventure of my life with gluten intolerance.


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