It’s been a minute …

I have not posted anything in a while and if you follow me on Twitter, you know I have been MIA on there as well, so here is a little update on what has been going on:

My first semester of grad school wrapped up a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying every second of summer that I can. I have gotten a lot of things done around the apartment and some good workouts in, spent some time by the pool and with family, shopped ’till I dropped a few times too many and done a little pleasure reading (though much of my pleasure reading will be valuable sources for upcoming research projects). My father, who is also in grad school, has come home for a few weeks so I have also been spending lots of time with him as well. One of the best parts about this break has been that I get to enjoy weekly trips to the Kingwood Farmers Market — having fresh, local fruits & veggies in the kitchen is great!

Alas, some of my enjoyment must come to an end — a other few students from my program and I are collaborating on a paper, with the goal of publishing a journal article before we graduate (and as fast as this first semester went by, it feels like graduation is just around the corner). We had our first meeting of the minds this week, so now it is back to researching & reading I go. Not to mention that my Pharmacy Technician Certification is up for renewal, so I have 20 hours of Continue Education packets to get through before the end of July. And, my summer class starts in 3 weeks. I am looking forward to that one though, the Sociology of Food and Culture — does it get any more interesting than that?

Speaking of food … We have been making use of our little grill — grilling up fresh from the farmers market corn and sausages. Since there are always leftovers, we have also been eating quite a bit of my Quinoa Jambalaya. I think it has become one of my favorite meals: it uses up the leftover sausage, can be loaded up with veggies (bell pepper, onion, tomatoes and finely diced carrots), is packed with protein and is a one skillet meal! I loath doing the dishes, so the fewer there are, the happier the Tommi (:


Anyhow, that is where I have been and what I have been up to. Now that I have had time to relax and take a breath without papers, readings and project looming over me, I hope to get back to more regular posting both here and on Twitter — I miss my little gluten free Twitter family!

Hope you all are enjoying the weather, foods and fun that summertime brings!!


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