Product Review: Annie’s Gluten Free Bunny Cookies

I have not found many gluten free cookies that I care for. I have tried several brands (and will allow them to remain nameless), but none of them compared to the gluten filled cookies of yesteryear … Until I found these delicious new bunny cookies from Annie’s HomegrownThey are available in three flavors: Cocoa & Vanilla, SnickerDoodle and Ginger Snap. I started off trying the SnickerDoodle flavor and boy, oh boy are they yummy! So good in fact that my non-gluten free Father helped me devour a quarter of the box. Call us crazy, but we both thought that the SnickerDoodle cookies would be great eaten as cereal — they taste a lot like cinnamon toast crunch! Yesterday I went back to the grocery store and picked up a second box — this time in the Ginger Snap flavor and they are just as yummy! I have not been able to find the Cocoa & Vanilla cookies at any of my local grocery stores, but I will certainly be trying them in the future … because I am always up for a little on-line gluten free food shopping!

Here is what Annie’s Homegrown has to say about their cookies:

Made with white and brown rice flour and yellow corn flour, these bunny-shaped cookies are a great addition to lunch boxes or after school snacks. SnickerDoodle flavor offers the sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla.

… Warm and spicy ginger makes these little bunnies extra delicious.

… Chocolate and Vanilla bunnies are delicious by the handful!

You can buy Annie’s products straight from their website. While you are there, check out the ‘Doing Good’ tab and learn about the many ways that Annie’s gives back to the community and how you can help! Also, be sure to sign up for their free e-Newsletter to get product information, recipes and coupons delivered straight to your inbox!

Annie’s makes many other gluten free products. I am a big fan of their gluten free mac & cheese, fruit snacks, salad dressing and organic BBQ sauce!

What is your favorite Annie’s Homegrown product? Share it with me in the comments section!!


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