Product Review: Conte’s Margherita Pizza

I think pizza night is one of the things I miss most since switching to a gluten free diet. The fiancé and I used to get a frozen pizza and salad about once a week; it was a quick, easy meal for the nights when we got home from class late and did not feel like cooking. Do not get me wrong, gluten free pizza options abound in my local grocery stores freezers and I have tried many of them … but they have all left something to be desired. Sometimes the crust is too soft or has that gluten free taste. Sometimes it is the toppings: I do not want soy cheese or loads of veggies  — cheese is one of the few dairy products I still indulge in and I want LOTS of it on my pizza! Other times, the gluten free pizzas are lacking in the flavor department. Seriously, I have had a few that taste like straight tomato paste for the sauce; no flavor, just paste. Not to mention they are expensive (compared to gluten filled frozen pizzas), $8 for a mini pizza is just a tad too expensive for my graduate student budget. And yes, we have made our own pizzas before and those have been pretty delish, but I am talking about frozen convenience here …

Anyhow, enter: Conte’s Pasta Co. Margherita Pizza. I found this full-size pie at my local HEB for $8. A simple pizza, loaded with cheese (just the way I like it) and TONS of flavor. As you can see from the picture below, it does not quite come out looking like the one on the box, but it tastes great. The sauce has a perfect blend of Italian spices and the cheese is melty, stringy and oh so good! Though the crust does not crisp up the way I would like it to, it is not mushy and it gets the job done without any funky gluten free flavor. As for the texture, it sort of reminded me of the pizzas they used to serve in the school cafeteria (only this one tasted way better). Conte’s has definitely won me over and pizza night at our place shall return.

Conte’s offers a full range of gluten free Italian options, all made in a dedicated gluten free facility, so no worries about cross contamination! From pizza, to ravioli and gnocchi, Conte’s Pasta Co. has you covered. If you cannot find their products at your local grocery store, ask the store manager if they can start carrying them. Or, head on over to their website and have a few shipped directly to your door.

Have you tried any of the Conte’s Pasta Co. products? Have a favorite gluten free frozen pizza? I would love to hear about it, share it with me in the comments section!!


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Conte’s Margherita Pizza

    • Thank you! … These are a new arrival at the location near my place, they’ve recently added some new gfree products–which, of course, makes me very happy! HEB is pretty good about carrying customer requests, so it’s definitely worth asking them!

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