Restaurant Review: Gigi’s Cupcakes

Every time I walk through the bakery section of the grocery store, I find myself practically drooling over the fresh baked desserts, a.k.a. the yummy, chocolatey, icing topped goodness that I cannot have (darn you gluten) … During last weeks trip to the farmers market, I noticed a Gigi’s Cupcake Shop in the Kingwood Town Center. After picking up an arm load of healthy, locally grown produce, I decided to check it out. Once again, I found myself drooling over the cupcakes on display. I was frantically scanning the names of each, looking for a gluten free option. When the cashier finished with the customer ahead of me, I hesitantly asked if they had any gluten free cupcakes. Expecting to hear no, I was pleasantly surprised when she informed me that they have them every Saturday. She went on to explain that they thoroughly clean the kitchen and equipment every Saturday before baking the gluten free cupcakes to reduce cross contamination issues. Additionally, they keep them on a separate tray in the back to further reduce risk of cross contamination. As yummy as the treats on display looked and the cashiers confidence in answering my gluten concerns, I was very much looking forward to returning on Saturday for a gluten free cupcake.

So, Saturday afternoon the fiancé, father and I headed back to Gigi’s for cupcakes after lunch. This Saturday’s gluten free cupcake was Tuxedo: chocolate cupcake complete with chunks of chocolate, topped with whipped vanilla icing and sprinkles. The guys got gluten-filled chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. We contemplated bringing them home and eating them later, but I just could not wait so we sat at a table on the sidewalk and dug in! … Oh boy was it good! My cupcake was so moist, chocolatey and delish — I could not believe it was gluten free! The guys were just as impressed with theirs. I ate mine slowly, savoring every little bite! It was so good that I brought a second one home for the next day … but I admit, I ended up eating it later that night — it was too good not to. I am not usually so glutinous, but as much as I love sweets I cannot bake very well and I whole-heartedly believe that a splurge is good for you every once in a while.

Now, I have to say a little something about the adorable little box these beauties came in. The sticker they seal it up with states “You will develop an overwhelming sense of joy after opening this box!” But it was so much more than that: I felt normal for a once! It was really nice to enjoy a delish cupcake with two of my favorite people. My cupcake experience was made even sweeter by the fact that a gluten free cupcake cost the same as a regular one, gotta love that! The only thing missing was the nutrition info, but then again I probably do not want to know! … Big thanks to the Gigi’s Cupcakes in Kingwood for offering a gluten free cupcake day! And family, if you are reading this, I would like to request cupcakes from here to celebrate my (first gluten free) birthday this year 😉

Gigi’s Cupcakes are individually owned and operated, so check with the location nearest you to see if they have gluten free options available. If you are in the Kingwood area, I definitely recommend checking out this location — their service and product is top notch! Gluten and non-gluten eaters alike are sure to love a sweet treat from Gigi’s!


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