Change Ahead

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You may have noticed I have not been very active in the blog-o-sphere as of late … While the blog is still in its infancy, I feel as though in some way I have outgrown it. When I started blogging, I was new to gluten free (not that I’m an old pro or anything now, but I’ve learned a bit). The blog began as a way to learn about being gluten free, to feel connected to the wonderful gluten free community, to vent frustrations and to share yummy recipes. But it quickly became nothing but recipes (plus a few reviews) and I feel like I have shared little else. I want the blog to be more than food because while I LOVE food, it is not my entire life. I am passionate about health, I love beauty products and fashion, reading is my favorite hobby, I’m a full time student, engaged to an amazing guy and I have a happy life.

That said, I want to share more than just being gluten free. Therefore, the blog will be undergoing some changes over the next week or so. Hang in there with me and check back soon for a whole new blog!



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