Healthy Living Tips of the Week



Healthy Living Tips:

  • Have more sex! Sex helps to relieve stress, alleviate pain, burn body fat & improve cardiovascular health!
  • Stretching improves coordination & balance, start your day off right with these 4 stretches from Healthy Carrot
  • Nearly half of all snacking occurs between meals … Keep to healthy items like fruit/veggies, nuts & hummus!
  • Eat a rainbow, EVERDAY!! 
  • Pick exercises you like. Working out isn’t supposed to be about suffering, it’s about having fun while getting healthy!
  • Rather than focusing on your dress size, focus on being healthy from the inside out! Eat well and get regular exercise!

Links of the week:

Your kidneys need love too! — FitSugar

Save big on textbooks this semester — Mashable

Happy, Health, Fit — Huffington Post Healthy Living

50 songs perfect for your workout playlist! — Healthy Carrot

Live Fabulous.



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