Healthy Living Tips Recap

Hi friends (: This week’s healthy living tips is a two’fer since I was unable to post the previous weeks tips … Enjoy!!

Healthy Living Tips of the Week:

  • Eat breakfast … every day! It kick starts your metabolism and helps to keep you focused for the day ahead.
  • Boost your brain power by including these 5 foods in your diet: sunflower seeds, yogurt, salmon, eggs & edamame.
  • These double duty foods boost your metabolism & detox your lymphatic system: carrots, tomatoes, asparagus & strawberries.
  • Did you know water helps your body absorb nutrients & makes up 75% of your muscles? Drink up!!
  • Here are 101 things you can do for a healthier you!
  • Aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio 5 days/week for a healthy heart, reduced stress & better sleep!
  • Jump start your healthy living journey with this easy guide!
  • Dogs are naturally competitive, making them great workout buddies. Sprint after a ball w/them for a fun cardio session!
  • 6 fabulous reasons to add cucumbers to your diet:

Links of the Week:

Avocado pasta?? Yes, please!! — Summer Plum

It’s National Yoga Month, find a free class near you! — Self Magazine

Sweet Zucchini Crumble — Cozy, Delicious

Here’s how to have a healthier work life — FitSugar

All natural, DIY beauty products — RealSimple

Veggie storage made easy! — The V Spot

Homemade Tortilla Chips in 5 minutes! — NFCA

Live Fabulous.


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