Checking out the August POPSUGAR Must Have Bag!

The August POPSUGAR Must Have Bag has arrived!

Oh the anticipation!

(love this cheery pink tissue paper, cute packaging is the best!)

The Goods

Original Pretzel Crisps/10 free Postagram prints/GoVino Wine “Glasses”/Tatcha Blotting Papers/PopPhysique Original Butt DVD/15% off at Benzinger Family Wine+Coasters/Alura Diffuser in Isola/Sprout Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliant/Bear Naked Fruit & Nut Granola/Baggu Bag

Already, I’m in love with GoVino wine “glasses” they look like crystal, but they’re actually plastic!

They were the perfect way to enjoy a glass of Woodchuck Farmhouse Select Hard Cider by the pool Friday night!

And the Baggu Bag easily held my weekly veggie haul! Finally, a reusable bag I’m impressed by. It’s sturdy, roomy and even folded back into the handy carrying pouch without trouble. My only question: how did they know purple is my favorite color!?

Thanks to the Alora diffuser, there is a slight hint of gardenia wafting through my bedroom that I can’t get enough of! … I’ve used the Sprout cleanser made with tea tree oil and lavender a few times and love it so much, I may order a full sized bottle when this one is gone — it’s super refreshing! The exfoliant is made from almonds, sea salt & oats making it one of three things in the box that I wont be enjoying (the second and third being the Pretzel Crisps and Bear Naked Granola, thanks gluten!) … I can’t wait to give the sexy Pop Physique Original Butt DVD a try. And the Postagram prints feed right in to my instagram addiction! Now to put that 15% off Benzinger Wine coupon to use!

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Live Fabulous.


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