It’s 2013 baby!!

It seems that once again I have taken a bit of a blogging hiatus. It wasn’t intentional: I got busy with finals and then with family and the holidays. But alas, the good times with family and friends are coming to an end, my TA duties resume next week and my second year of grad school begins the week after (one down, one to go). I’m on the hunt for a summer internship this semester, playing TA for two professors and we will be moving in a few months, it’s gonna be a busy year and I’m (almost) ready to hit the ground running; I’d like to drink an extra glass of wine or two and sleep in late a few more times first though!

Here’s a quick peek at what I’ve been up to over these last few weeks:


There was lots of studying and paper writing happening in this comfy spot / I made delish peanut butter balls for my classmates / Added this happy little reminder (made by yours truly) to our living room decor while enjoying my favorite hard cider Was still feeling crafty so I upcycled an old honey jar into this antiqued mercury glass style vase / Ate way too much food at Thanksgiving and Christmas alike / Of course, gluten free cupcakes were involved Went to Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo with two of my favorite guys / Took my DIYing to a new level and made Christmas gifts for the fam (painted wine glasses for the ladies and spice rubs for my fellas) / and the highlight of it all just very well may be these Feel Good Foods (gluten and dairy free) egg rolls delivered to me all the way from Tallahassee, FL by someone who loves me very much!

Gotta say something about it being a new year, since I titled the post ‘It’s 2013 baby’ and all … 2012 was a busy one, I imagine 2013 will be similar in that regard. And, while I find New Year’s resolutions to be a bit silly because we’ve usually forgotten about them by February, there is something I would like change about my life (it just so happens that my desire to change coincides with New Years). Anyhow, I want to live in the moment more. To say I’m a high stress person is an understatement, I spend so much time worrying about this, that or the other and I forget to enjoy the things presently in front of me. I plan to change that. To-do lists have really helped me manage all my tasks which definitely reduces my stress level, so I will certainly be making more of those! And when I find my mind wondering off to a stressful place while I’m out walking the dog or before I fall asleep at night, I will work on bringing it back to the moment at hand. I think there may be daily meditation in my future, I think it’ll help. I’m certainly open to thoughts and suggestions though.

Ok, now to get to planning some great new posts for the new year! Until then …

Live fabulous. Live delish. 


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