DIY T-Shirt Scarf

T-shirts and Scarves …

these are a few of my favorite things!

Throwing away a t-shirt because it has a hole in it however is not one of my favorite things. Enter this quick & easy DIY to upcycle an old t-shirt in to a stylish infinity scarf (no sewing required).

You’ll need:

-An old t-shirt (the bigger the shirt, the longer the scarf … so you may want to consider raiding your BFs closet)


-Ribbon (optional)

-10 minutes

-a glass of wine (because wine makes everything better, am I right?)


Here’s how to do it:

1) Begin by laying the shirt flat, taking care to line up the bottom hem.

2) Cut straight across the shirt from one armpit to the other.

3) Cut off bottom hem. You will be left with a tube of fabric.

4) Along the side fold of the shirt, make cuts spaced 1″ apart.

5) Using the cuts you just made, continue them almost all the way to the opposite side of the shirt (you want to leave 1-2″ from the end of your cut and the side fold — sorry, the photo of this step got cut off a bit)

6) After all cuts are made, hold the scarf by the uncut portion and carefully pull on each individual section — this will stretch and curl the fabric. The more you pull and stretch the fabric the longer the scarf will be, just be careful not too pull too much or too hard because you’ll risk ripping the fabric.

7) Cover the uncut section by wrapping a ribbon (or a piece of t-shirt) around it.

8) Wear it long, doubled around your neck or layer two of them together for a fabulous, wallet-friendly style upgrade!

Live Fabulous.


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