January 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have Box

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It was a slow week for me. There was the usual schoolwork and housework. And, I went to one class before coming home, succumbing to my run in with the devil gluten. Between naps and Law and Order SVU episodes on Hulu+, I spent the remainder of my week obsessively tracking the status my POPSUGAR Must Have Box. My reward for finally feeling semi-human by Friday afternoon must have been its early arrival (FedEx Smart Post still had it listed as chillin’ at the local post office, guess the mail carrier knew I needed a little pick me up).


The Goods

Stott Pilates Ball (65cm) / Remix Timebomb Watch (white) / 3 Think Thin Bars / Epicuren Lip Balm w/tea tree oil / Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick in milk and dark chocolate / JetPuffed Marshmallow Bits / $15 Casetagram coupon

I had already been stalking online message boards for spoilers about the box (because I can’t let anything be a surprise) and I was really hoping for the white Remix watch (other colors that were sent out included hot pink, baby blue and black), so yay for getting the color I wanted! With its silicone band and colorful LED lights, it makes for a fun accessory on those casual days! Here’s a close up:


Time Piece

The Think Thin bars are delish, as are the marshmallow bits which go perfectly with the oh, so yummy hot chocolate on a stick! Still gotta check the gluten free status of the lip balm (don’t worry, there will be an update when I find out), seriously hoping it’s safe as I’ve heard amazing things about this product … The Casetagram coupon couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because I dropped and shattered the screen on my phone last night (it’s what I get for living dangerously, sans case) … After spending an hour pumping up that stability ball, I will definitely be adding it to my workouts. It also came with a discount code for 50% off stability ball DVDs, gonna have to check those out because other than crunches & sitting, I have no clue what to do with it! 🙂 (Have a stability ball workout (or tip) I should try? Share it with me in the comments section!)

Overall, I’m happy with this months box. I will definitely get a lot of use out of the watch and stability ball. And I love when they include yummy, gluten free treats!

Want the POPSUGAR Must Have Box delivered to your door ($35/month), sign up for the February Box NOW!!

Live Fabulous.

UPDATE: I spoke with an esthetician at Epicuren who explained that all the ingredients in lip balm are indeed gluten free, BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there) it is produced in a facility that processes wheat containing ingredients, so there is a cross contamination risk.


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