Celiac Disease Symptoms

Did ya hear? May is Celiac Awareness Month! And all month long, I’ve got a little extra gfree knowledge to share … so let’s get it started in here! 😉

A few weeks ago, the always awesome Gluten Dude asked the Celiac Community: “what are your Celiac symptoms?” And boy did he get quite a list. Using the info he recieved from over 100 Celiacs, he put together this handy infographic of the most commonly cited symptoms.

Celiac Disease Symptoms

If you, or someone you love, is experiencing several of these symptoms, getting tested for Celiac Disease could be lifesaving! Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that damages the villi of the small intestine. Consumption of gluten causes the body to attack itself, ultimately preventing the absorption of nutrients from food. According to the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment untreated Celiac Disease can result in the following:

Celiacs are more likely to be afflicted with problems relating to malabsorption, including osteoporosis, tooth enamel defects, central and peripheral nervous system disease, pancreatic disease, internal hemorrhaging, organ disorders (gall bladder, liver, and spleen), and gynecological disorders. Untreated celiac disease has also been linked an increased risk of certain types of cancer, especially intestinal lymphoma.

For more info on Celiac Disease, visit the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment and Celiac Central.

And, stay tuned to FD for more info on living a fabulous, gluten free life!

Live Fabulous.


2 thoughts on “Celiac Disease Symptoms

    • Approximately 83% of Celiacs are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed!! If you’re having symptoms, you should definitely talk to your doctor about testing. Some docs may try to convince you it’s not Celiac, but you’ve gotta be your own health advocate! If you’re worried, ask to be tested!!

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