Hi! I am Tommi … and this is my blog!

I am your anything but average daughter, sister, fiancé, grad student and friend. I have an awesome fiancé, a scruffy dog that I love so much, two strange cats, a temperamental green iguana … I’m also gluten intolerant.

I love food, fashion & beauty! I am passionate about living the healthiest life I can and I am excited to share all of this with you!

Here is a little blurb about my gluten free journey:

I’m still relatively new to the gluten free world; I found out about my intolerance in September 2011. After experiencing worsening bouts of nausea/vomiting, heartburn, bloating, a host of other digestive issues & reoccurring headaches (not to mention taking enough pregnancy tests to keep EPT in business!) for almost a year, I had finally had enough and decided to see the doc. She suggested many things: ulcer, Crohn’s Disease, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, etc … Since I am like countless other full-time students lacking health insurance, I decided to be cost-effective and start by removing foods from my diet. I do not eat much dairy, so I decided removing gluten was the most logical place to start. I did some research on gluten, came home and began rummaging through the cabinets, looking at the ingredients of everything I ate … most of it was going to be out of the question for the next two weeks, but I was tired of being sick and was up for the challenge!

The change was almost immediate, after 4 days of eating gluten free the daily episodes of heartburn had disappeared and I wasn’t waking up quite so nauseated in the mornings. At the end of the two weeks I had so much more energy, I was losing that belly bloat, my mood improved (probably because those pesky symptoms were fading away and I had lost a pant size), the bags under my eyes were clearing up and my skin tone was more even, but I was skeptical … so I had some bread with dinner one night. Sure enough, some of the symptoms returned. Over the next few weeks I kept eating gluten free, but periodically I would reintroduce gluten and symptoms would return. Given how great I felt without gluten and how miserable I felt with it, I decided to make gluten free eating permanent …

The entire experience has been a bit of a wake up call for me. Almost like it was my body’s way of telling me to take better care of myself. Now I try to eat healthy, good for me foods, take my vitamins, I do yoga and take lots of walks with the pup.

So, that is my gluten free journey, now here are some random facts about ME:

  • I was an only child until just before I turned 14 … then a little sister came along, followed by a little brother less than two years later!
  • I am a Sociology Graduate Student at the University of Houston.
  • I’m engaged to an awesome, awesome guy … and as soon as we finish school, we plan to make it official!
  • My favorite color is PURPLE
  • I LOVE Chinese food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week!
  • I never leave the house without sunglasses and lip balm!
  • The meal I miss most since going gluten free is my Mom’s chicken and dumplings … just thinking about them makes my mouth water.
  • I used to sell used cars … for a very short time after high school and I never actually sold one, it definitely was not my calling!
  • Flip flops are my shoe of choice!
  • My Mom is my BEST FRIEND (:
  • My fiancé and I don’t eat macaroni on Mondays because if we do, we end up arguing!
  • Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me! I hope that you will continue to read my blog and that together when can learn, grow & navigate this gluten filled world! And, if there is ever anything you want to share with me, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or contact me on Twitter! I look forward to hearing from you (:



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