My No-Poo Journey

If you’ve been following along on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that a little more than two weeks ago, I gave up my shampoo habit. Now, I know you’re probably thinking “gross, how can you not use shampoo?!” but hear me out … I gave up shampoo for two reasons: (1) I’m trying to reduce my exposure to chemicals; opting instead for natural cleaners and (2) since I was a kid, I have been plagued by oily hair. As a teenager, I had to switch shampoos every few weeks because it seemed like they would just stop working. I could wash my hair and when it dried, it would look like it hadn’t been washed in a week. Over the years, the issue seemed to level out, but I still couldn’t use ONE brand of shampoo, each time a bottle ran out, I would purchase another brand. And if I didn’t wash every day, I looked like I stuck my head in a bucket of grease (except for maybe the ends of my hair, which are super dry from washing every day). I have used everything from $1 to $40 bottles of shampoo, all with the same end results. I tried clarifiers, sulfate free shampoos, vinegar rinses to remove build up, I’ve scrubbed my scalp like a crazy women, let shampoo sit on my head for 5+ minutes and then scrubbed some more in an attempt to get all the shampoo residue out so that my hair would look clean, all to no avail.

Then I came across a pin on Pintrest about giving up shampoo, it’s called the no-poo method. Intrigued, I did some more research.

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Styled: April Showers

Brave those April showers in an oh, so adorable high low-dress with girlie accessories, toughened up by some sweet leather boots — perfect for splashing in a few puddles! And, don’t forget to bring a light cardi (or a cropped denim jacket) along for those moments when it gets a little chilly!April Showers
Live Fabulous.

Styled: Casual to the Max

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Houston it’s Spring like temperatures one day and back to cold the next. Last week, I picked up the adorably ironic (un)t-shirt and maxi skirt combo at none other than my favorite store, Target. Paired with a chunky knit cardigan and delicately accessorized with just the right about of attitude thanks to a leather Fossil wrap bracelet, it’s the perfect way to transition from Winter to Spring in fabulous style, even if the weather is less than cooperative!
Transitioning in Style
What are your must have pieces for making the transition from Winter to Spring?
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January 2013 POPSUGAR Must Have Box

fabulously delish got a makeover! what do you think of its sleek new look? is the new design intuitive and easy to navigate?  shoot me an email, send me a tweet or leave a comment on this post letting me know what you think!


It was a slow week for me. There was the usual schoolwork and housework. And, I went to one class before coming home, succumbing to my run in with the devil gluten. Between naps and Law and Order SVU episodes on Hulu+, I spent the remainder of my week obsessively tracking the status my POPSUGAR Must Have Box. My reward for finally feeling semi-human by Friday afternoon must have been its early arrival (FedEx Smart Post still had it listed as chillin’ at the local post office, guess the mail carrier knew I needed a little pick me up).


The Goods

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DIY T-Shirt Scarf

T-shirts and Scarves …

these are a few of my favorite things!

Throwing away a t-shirt because it has a hole in it however is not one of my favorite things. Enter this quick & easy DIY to upcycle an old t-shirt in to a stylish infinity scarf (no sewing required).

You’ll need:

-An old t-shirt (the bigger the shirt, the longer the scarf … so you may want to consider raiding your BFs closet)


-Ribbon (optional)

-10 minutes

-a glass of wine (because wine makes everything better, am I right?)

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POPSUGAR Must Have: September & October

So … September was supposed to be the end of my POPSUGAR must have subscription … but it auto renewed for another month, so I got the October box too! Here’s the run down:

September POPSUGAR must have

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Checking out the August POPSUGAR Must Have Bag!

The August POPSUGAR Must Have Bag has arrived!

Oh the anticipation!

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Beauty Product I LOVE!!

I’m a beauty product junkie; always have been and probably always will be. A few months ago, after realizing how much I focus on what goes in my body, I began to focus on what goes on my body. I have gradually been switching out my chemical laden beauty products for ones made with natural ingredients and have noticed a marked improvement in my skin tone & texture.

I have always had what I consider dry skin. If I do not moisturize after every shower, my skin feels tight and begins to look a bit flaky. So, when the last of my Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion ran out and it was time to look for something a bit more natural, with ingredients I could pronounce, I was anticipating a lot of trial and error before I found something I liked. Initially, I picked up an aloe lotion from Kiss My Face. It was alright. It didn’t absorb into my skin quite as easily as I would have liked. Then, I discovered it was not one of their gluten free products. Though I don’t use 100% gluten free beauty products, there are a few that I want to be that way and lotion is definitely one of them. After this discovery, I considered making my own lotion. I had googled my little fingers away on how to make lotion and it seemed simple enough: beeswax, oil, fragrance. But I wasn’t sure how cost effective it would be. Ultimately, I decided to try this from NOW Foods

This 16oz bottle cost ~$10 at HEB and lasts me about 2-3 months.

Almond oil was listed as one of the best oils to use in lotion making because it is full of skin protecting antioxidants and it is one of the reasons why I picked it over other oils. Vitamin E oil is also a good choice, as long as you know its source, many of them are derived from wheat sources. I’m not gonna lie, using oil as a moisturizer took a bit of getting used to. Initially, I was using too much which made me feel like an oily/greasy mess all day. After a bit of trial and error, I found the best way to apply it was using a spray bottle immediately after showering. A few squirts per body part, a quick rub down and I am moisturized for the entire day. I no longer have to worry about flaky patches of skin or unexplainable red bumps, a natural moisturizer was just what my skin needed!

Bonus: This particular almond oil from NOW Foods is food grade, which means it’s suitable for consumption and therefore can be used to make a great lip scrub. Simply mix small amounts of the oil and brown sugar together in a bowl until it has reached your desired consistency. You can add essential oils as well. The mixture will stay fresh in a sealed container for up to one month. Just rub on your lips for a sweet way to soften them! I like to do this about once a week or so.

Now, I’m on the hunt for a body wash made with all natural ingredients. Got one you recommend? Share it with me in the comments section!

Live Fabulous.